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Table Management Software - Server Assignment

Added by Kevin B on Fri, Sep 25, 2009, 01:30 PM

Server Assignment

Before you start working with the Placement System you will want to assign servers to tables. All your servers will know who they are waiting on at all times.

Table Management Software - Floorplan for Servers

Create your server schedule with a couple of clicks

Loading servers – the Staff Filter

First determine the days each server will be working. Pick the Date Selector, and then click on Staff Filter. The most convenient may be to set up the schedule before the day starts. Moreover, you can set up the server schedule for more days. Pick the date using the date selector then click on the Staff Filter.

Table Management Software - Staff filter

Click on the Staff Filter to load serving staff

On the popup panel you just check positions you want to load. Click on the “Refresh list” link then check the staff members you want to schedule for that day.

Table Management Software - Staff filter 2 Check the positions you want to load, click on the “Refresh list” link,

Click “Apply” and as the popup panel disappears click the “Load serving staff” button.

Table Management Software - Staff filter 3

check the staff members you want to schedule then click “Apply”

Assign servers to tables

After loading the staff members, the staff list is displayed next to the floorplan. Initially the floorplan is blank and the staff members are not scheduled.

Table Management Software - Floor plan -Serve Staff

Staff list next to the floorplan – initially blank

Your goal is to create a schedule like this:

Table Management Software - Serve Staff - Time-slots

Each staff member has a time interval and some tables. For example, Mark works from 9 Am to 11 Pm in the bar, his tables are 101 – 107. Jameela works in the separate room from 4 Pm to 11 Pm. She serves tables 1 to 8. When you set up the server schedule you perform the following steps:

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