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Table Management Software - More Important Features

Added by Kevin B on Thu, Nov 05, 2009, 03:30 PM

Walk-in guests

On the top of Reservation list you can find controls to add walk-in guests. Select the number of guests from the drop-down list, pick an occasion then press “Add”. This will add the walk-in group to Reservation list. The newly added group item is automatically selected in the list and you can start picking tables for them. Their value of arrival is also set automatically. You cannot shift arrival time of a walk-in group and you also cannot clear arrival time. You can delete a walk-on group from Reservation list by pressing “Del” button in the corresponding list item.

Table Management Software - More Important Features

To add a walk-in group: enter the number of guests, pick an occasion then click "Add"

Walk-in groups in all other regards can be handled as normal reservations.

Table Management Software - More Important Features 2

Start adding tables to a walk-in group or you can delete it by pressing the "Del" button


Reservation list can be sorted by reservation time, name, number of guests and table numbers in ascending or descending order by clicking on the corresponding list header. Order of sorting can be switched by clicking again on the same header. Reservations to which no tables are assigned yet are always placed on the top of the list.

Table Management Software - More Important Features 3

Click on an item in the list heading to set the ordering

Autosave and Off-line Work

An automatic save feature is implemented for your convenience. It is highly recommended to enable this autosave feature to avoid loss of data. You can set the save interval. For maximum safety, it is recommended though to manually save changes you make in dining times or seats. Please note that you can keep on working with the system as usual during the autosave. The duration of a save or load process depends on the network speed. Please take special care not to refresh/reload the page during autosave as this may lead to data loss!

Table Management Software - More Important Features 4

It is highly recommended to enable autosave

The system supports off-line work: you can use the system as usual even if the network is down. A red flag appears in the top right corner of the screen indicating there is a network error. Saving and loading seatings is of course not possible in this case but you can still assign tables to groups, you can add walk-in guests and you can use the “Arrive” and “Finish” buttons. You can save the current state of seating when the network is back.

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