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Table Management Software - How to...

Added by Kevin B on Mon, Nov 09, 2009, 04:15 PM

How to…

…check if a reservation is already seated?

In the reservation list you can see several columns with details of the groups: time, name, number of guests and phone number. Under Units you can see a single table number or a list of table numbers where a particular group is seated. A dash sign (-) shows if the group is not yet seated.

Table Management Software - How to

In the Units column you can see which tables are assigned to a group. A dash (-) sign indicates if a group is not yet seated

Move the mouse over a list item in the reservation list. A pale blue border is displayed around the selected item and if the reservation is seated, the corresponding tables turn to pale blue.

Table Management Software - How to2

Move the mouse over a group in the list to see which tables are assigned

…see the seatings of all reservations?

In the reservation list all reservations are enlisted for the specified date. You can only select a specific time to check seatings: click on a reservation form the list. This selects the time. Now all tables to which reservations are seated at the specified time turn to green on the layout. Tables of the reservation you picked are shown in dark blue if that reservation is seated. Selecting another reservation with another time loads always the current seating. Clicking on the same list item you previously selected removes selection, that is, no seatings are displayed. Clicking on any list item again shows the corresponding seatings. You can also pick a time value from Time bar.

Table Management Software - How to3

Click on a list item to see detailed information as well as assigned tables. Click again to hide details and return to current time

…pick a table for an unseated reservation?

Click on an unseated reservation in the list to display current seatings. You can see reserved tables for the specified time: they are shown in green. Since the selected reservation is still unseated, you cannot see dark blue tables on the layout. Move the mouse pointer over an unreserved (white) table on the layout and click the selected table. Now that table turns to dark blue and the table number appears in the selected list item. For larger groups you should specify more than one table. Clicking on other unreserved tables adds them to the table list of the specified reservation.

…remove a table (or all tables) from the table list of a group?

Select a reservation from the list. The corresponding tables are now shown in dark blue. Click on the dark blue tables to remove them from the table list of the current reservation. Those tables turn to white as they become unreserved.

…select different tables for a reservation?

Select a reservation from the list. Click on the dark blue tables to remove them from the table list of the current reservation then click on other unreserved tables to add them to the table list.

…add a walk-in group?

Select the number of guests from the drop-down list on the top of Reservation list then press “Add”. This will add the walk-in group to Reservation list.

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