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Table Management System - Beginner Level Videos

Added by Kevin B on Wed, Oct 14, 2009, 03:40 PM

Table Management System Training Videos - Beginner Level

Load and save seatings

You can manage your guests seating’s on this page: assign guests with reservations to tables, modify or delete existing guests, and manage Walk In guests. When you open this page, the Myetus Placement System automatically selects the default location and current date. You can specify another locations and/or another date. Simply select the Location from the drop down box, specify the desired date, then press the Load Seating button. Current occupied seats are displayed in current time. You can change the date and/or time to see past or future seating for that location. Groups are displayed in a list next to the table layout. Although there is an auto save feature, it is recommended you press the Save button any time you make changes to the table layout or reservations times. 

Table layout and reservation list

Table Layout is based on the floor plan of the selected location. Your Myetus Placement will have a diagram of your individual floor plan. Tables are represented by an icon divided by the number of guests that can be seated at that table. Next to the floor plan is the Reservation List. Together with the table layout the Reservation list provides you with an interface for managing your reservations. The list contains Reservation Time, Guest Name, and Number of Guests in the group in brackets, Guest Phone Number, and the tables assigned to this group. When you move your mouse over a list item, assigned tables will turn pale blue on the floor plan. Initially there are no tables assigned to a Reservation. When a new reservation is added by a visitor from your website or by you in the Back Office system, that reservation is not yet assigned to a table. A dash sign in the list indicates you have not yet assigned a table. Click on the list item then pick as many tables as required by clicking on table icons. When you click on a group in the list, a dark blue border appears around that reservation and detailed information about that reservation appears. If a table is already assigned to that reservation the assigned table will be displayed as dark blue. Clicking on that same reservation deselects it. When you move your mouse over a table a pop up box appears showing information about that table.

Automatic mode, Layout edit mode

There are two possible working modes in the Myetus Placement System depending on whether you selected an item in the Reservation list. If an item is not selected then the system is operating in Automatic Mode. The Myetus Placement system automatically provides information about the groups in current time. Moving you mouse over a table icon provides you with information about that table. If an item is selected then the system is operating in Layout Edit Mode. You are able to edit time values, that is, arrival, finish, amount of late and amount of extra time of the selected reservation as well as table assignments. You can add or remove tables to this reservation by clicking on a table icon.

Colors and time values displayed on a table icon

In Automatic Mode you can watch occupied tables in current time. Unreserved tables are shown as white and occupied table are green. A reservation that has been assigned a table but not yet finished dining is shown in green with the remaining time displayed in minutes. When diners at a table have 15 minutes or less of dining time the table icon will change to red. A table that is reserved for a future time is shown in pale green with the time of the reservation displayed. If a reservation group is late, the table icon assigned to that reservation is displayed in green with the time of the reservation. A small red dot appears on the table icon and in the Reservation List indicating the reservation is late. The amount of late is shown in the pop up when you hover your mouse over the table icon. In Automatic mode all time values displayed on table icons are relative to current time. In Layout Edit Mode the Myetus Placement System shows every table currently occupied as well as those reserved before current diner is finished. In this mode you are not able to assign a table to the selected reservation which is already reserved for another group. A group can only be assigned to an unreserved table. If another group finishes their table becomes unassigned and you can assign another group to that table. In Layout edit mode all time values displayed on table icons are related to the selected group's reservation time.


An automatic save feature is implemented for your convenience. It is highly recommended to enable this autosave feature to avoid loss of data. You can set the auto save interval by using the drop down boxes. For maximum safety, it is recommended to manually save changes as you make them. Please note that you can keep on working with the system as usual during the autosave. The duration of the save depends upon your network speed. Please take special care not to refresh/reload the page during autosave as this may lead to data loss.


Reservation list can be sorted by reservation time, name, number of guests and table numbers in ascending or descending order by clicking on the corresponding list header. Order of sorting can be switched by clicking again on the same header. Reservations not yet assigned will always appear on the top of the sort list.

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