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Table Management System - Master Level Videos

Added by Kevin B on Wed, Oct 28, 2009, 01:30 PM

Table Management System Training Videos - Master Level

Group calls in as late arrival

 Press “+15” button next to “Arrived” button. This shifts reservation by 15 minutes. If guests need more than 15 minutes, press “+15” again. Press “-15” to subtract 15 minutes from shifted reservation time. Reserved tables can only be held for 15 minutes, and you can add at most 30 minutes time shift. If guests are late more than 15 minutes plus time shift, they are treated as walk-in guests and seated to an unreserved table. 

Group is likely to require more time

When a group's time is about to expire, that is, their tables turned to red, and they need additional time, you can decide to add them extra time by pressing “+15” next to “Finish” button. This will expand planned dining duration with 15 minutes. If they need more time than this, you can press “+15” again. Press “-15” to subtract 15 minutes from their expanded planned dining duration. There is no limit to how much additional time you add. 

Group exceeds allowed late time

When a group arrives more than 15 minutes after their scheduled reservation time, their tables are unassigned and group is marked as not arrived with a red X mark. Their tables are from now unreserved. You will still find the group's reservation in the system so when they arrive, press the “Arrived” button and place them at an unreserved table. Assigning tables to a not arrived group is no longer possible, only if you press “Arrived” button. 

Group has to wait

A group, call them Group #1 may not yet finished dining when another group, Group #2 arrives and is planned for the same table. Group #2 will need to wait for this table if another table is not available. The Myetus Placement System can calculate the delay, that is, the time Group #2 has to wait. This delay is indicated as a blue arrow in the row of Group #2 in reservation list and the exact amount of time is displayed when you click on the reservation or move your mouse over the table. An orange arrow is displayed at Group #1, allowing you to check in a minute which group has caused the delay. If the first group finishes dining before the second group arrives, both arrows disappear. If Group #2 arrives before Group #1 finishes you can inform Group #2 about the amount of delay: just click on Group #2 to display detailed information about the group and you can tell how many minutes they need to wait. 

Time values incorrectly set

Click on the “Clear” button to reset incorrectly set time values. Clearing a finished group resets finished time value and any extra time but keeps time of arrival and any amount of reservation time shift. Pressing “Clear” again also resets the time of arrival and reservation time shift. Remember: if you reset time of arrival 15 minutes after the scheduled reservation time, the Myetus Placement System handles group as if they exceeded the allowed amount of late and immediately deletes their seats, marking their table as unreserved and the group as not arrived. Also remember that assigning tables to a not arrived group is not possible until you press “Arrived” button again. 

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