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Managing Serve Staff - Advanced Level Videos

Added by Kevin B on Thu, Nov 05, 2009, 04:15 PM

Table Management System Training Videos - Managing Serve Staff - Advanced Level

Loading servers – the Staff Filter

Before you start working with the Placement System you will want to assign servers to tables. All your servers will know who they are waiting on at all times. First determine the days each server will be working. Pick the Date Selector, and then click on Staff Filter. On the Pop Up Panel, check the Positions you want to load. Click on “Refresh List” link, then check the Staff Members you want to schedule for that day. Click “Apply”. When the Pop Up Panel closes, click on the “Load Serving Staff” button. Scheduling can be done in advance. Repeat for each day as appropriate. 

Scheduling serve staff

After loading the Serve Staff, they are each displayed next to your floor plan. Initially the floor plan is blank. Serve Staff is not yet assigned. All Servers will have a time interval and assigned tables. In setting up the Server Schedules you are: Selecting a Server Adding a Time Interval Assigning Tables to Servers To add time intervals for a server, Press the “Add” button in the Staff List for the corresponding server. This will schedule the server from Opening to Closing. You can now assign tables. Simply click on tables you want to assign to that server. Click on as many tables as you want to assign to that server. To remove a Table from a Servers schedule, simply click on the assigned table. The table is now unassigned. The system color codes the Servers, this helps identify Servers on the Floor Plan. Tables are color coded with the same color as the Server. Color coding is fully automated for your convenience. 

Specify several time intervals

Your Serve Staff is not expected to work from Opening to Closing. The Myetus Placement System offers you the ability to schedule shorter time intervals. Intervals have two time options, one for setting the start time and one for the finish time. Just click on the Start Time, a pop up panel opens and you can pick the start time for that Server. Repeat the steps for the Finish time. For your convenience, the Time Bar below the Floor Plan shows the selected interval. You may set up any time intervals, including outside normal business hours. You may also set Finish time intervals that fall into the next day. The Myetus Placement System will recognize the situation and handle it correctly. Show and hide server intervals If the server intervals occupy too much space you can hide them simply by clicking on the double arrow on the upper left corner of the server box. If it was closed it will open or if open it will close. You can expand or close all server boxes by clicking on “Expand All” or “Collapse All” captions in the Server List headings. If the box is closed then you will see the assigned intervals in the Servers color, the number of assigned tables will be in parentheses, and the starting interval time.

Want to know more? Download the whole tutorial in pdf format now.

Download Tutorial

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