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Table Management Software Introduction

Added by Kevin B on Fri, Sep 18, 2009, 01:10 AM

Table Management Software Introduction

Let's get started. In the following few weeks we will walk you though the table management system designed for you (a restaurant professional) by other restaurant professionals to save you time and money.

Restaurant in 3D - Table Management Software

With the assistance of the Myetus floor plan seating system, you are able to design a seating schedule in advance and allocate a large number of reservations in a matter of minutes, instead of hours. Only a few clicks of the mouse on your screen and a group is assigned to a table. All the relevant information is displayed right in front of your eyes. Our Placement System allows you to easily plan out the table schedules fo a fully reserved restaurant. The Placement System also allows you to assign your staff to specific tables for duration of time, monitor their performance and allocate accordingly.

The Restaurant

This handbook introduces the Myetus Placement System using several examples.

All examples are based on the following:

Hours of Operation

The restaurant has the following hours:


Tim, Tom, Jennie, Susie, Miguel, Jameela, Stan, Amy, Jessica, Carlos, Laurie and Patricia


Mark and Claudia

Rooms and tables

Bar Area has 8 tables with seating for 2.

Main Dining Area has 15 tables for 4, 2 tables for 6. The Main Dining Area has a corridor separating the room into 2 areas.

Secondary Dining Area for large parties has 8 tables for 4.

Events and occasions

Seating/Serving is divided into 4 periods. These periods are programmed into the system and guests can make reservations for these occasions. Guests can reserve for the following occasions every day:

Restaurant Floor Plan - Table Management Software

Rooms of the restaurant, floorplan with tables

Period Hours Duration

The Restaurant also hosts special events such as parties, Holiday specials, Banquets etc.

Watch the introductory video on the Table Management Software

We appreciate your questions and comment that you can ask and make below.

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