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Table Management Software: Welcome to the 21st century

Added by Kevin B on Mon, Sep 14, 2009, 01:25 AM

How can a simple mouse click in the Table Management System increase guest satisfaction by 128%?

Can You Click on the mouse? Do you own or manage a restaurant?

As a proud restaurant owner you most likely very well aware how important guest satisfaction is. However, from time to time guests complain. Especially during busy times when you are short staffed.

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It is Saturday night. A big game is on and a very popular band just came to town. You happened to invite them to play at your restaurant. You put the word out and your phone is ringing off the hook. You already have 124 people who made reservations, but you can seat only 112 people at the same time (that includes every possible chair you found in the restaurant plus the ones that Uncle Jimmy brought in the last minute).

You are glad because you know you will have a lot of guests coming in tonight, but you are also somewhat worried about seating that many people. You are confident that your staff can handle it, but you are still praying that everybody would show up in their best mood. This night can be awesome, but it can turn out to be horrible.

So you ask your manager to try to figure out where to put all these people. He grabs a piece of paper and a pen and starts drawing the map of the restaurant. Then he finds the groups who come at the same time and assigns them to available tables.

He is working on it for a while, then he gets sidetracked. Few phone calls about the menu, then a delivery guy comes in with huge boxes of meat that needs to go to the freezer right away, but  your manager finds out that the freezer is busted. So he calls a maintenance service and tells the dishwashers to go downstairs and put the meat in the other freezer.  And problems just keep popping up and it goes on and on.

The seating chart is still not ready.  Then finally the hostess comes in and can work on the seating assignments. A lot more reservations keep coming in, now you are up to 148 people. The hostess is frantically working to try to put the guests on the seating chart besides handling all the phone calls.

You are so glad that you have a hostess who knows what she is doing.... What if she does not?

By the time she finishes, the chart resembles to some kind of zero x game as there are so many vaguely legible, often crossed out names and numbers show up next to the circles that symbolize the tables. As long as she can read it and knows where to seat the guests and to find the next available server to assign the next guest group that comes in, your manager is happy, the servers are happy. And when the servers are happy, they sell more because they keep their guests happy who buy more. This is a restaurant, not rocket science...:-)

Talking about science...

We are sure you would agree: Running a restaurant is an art. And yes, nowadays it becomes a science because of the fierce competition. It is no longer you, as an owner of a small restaurant competing against Jack down the street who is well known about his overcooked pasta. Nowadays you compete against huge corporations who use every scientific method available under the Sun to squeeze out the last drop of profit from their location.

Back to the hostess

After meticulously working on the seating chart for about 2 hours finally your hostess is ready to go. She put all the guests to all the available places and even made a few phone calls to shift some reservations to a later time to make sure guests do not have to wait for their table too long. She even sets up designated sections for the waitstaff with the assistance of the manager.

Once everything is ready, the guests start coming in. Around 5:30 PM only a few guests show up at the same time and there is plenty of room to put them in, everything goes great and very smoothly...

But now it is 7:00 PM...

...and the guests just keep pouring in group after group. It gets to a point when things start to get really confusing. Your hostess is seating the guests while the phone keeps ringing, but nobody answers it because everybody is busy doing something else to take care of the unexpected flood of people who came in besides the ones who already had reservations. Some servers get so confused that they do not bring the right appetizer to the right table so your guests start complaining. Then later it turns out that some of the servers did not get enough tables while others were overwhelmed. And they start fighting in front of the guests... So now the situation can be described with one word:


And this Saturday was handled by your good hostess... And your enthusiastic manager and waitstaff.... What if you had more inexperienced employees trying to handle this? That would have been a disaster. And you know well, that you cannot afford chaos, you cannot afford disaster. It costs you 5 times more to acquire a new guest than to keep a returning one. Your advertising expenses are skyrocketing, but you still have a lot of complaints on your comment cards.

It seems like a never ending fight...

But... What if ....? did not take your manager and hostess over three hours to set up a seating chart?

....there was a way to easily change around the seating chart in real time to fit the needs of the always-late-calling, but deep pocketed guests of yours?

....there was a way for your hostess or manager to follow each table in real time and tell each walk-in guest exactly how long they need to wait to be seated?

....there was a way to distribute the workload among your servers fairly based on their knowledge and skills?

There is a solution to all of the problems above.

 A good picture is worth more than a thousand words. A good video made by restaurant professionals is even better.

Welcome to the 21st century restaurant management. Introducing the Table Planner

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The Table Planner is a state of the art table management software engineered by restaurant professionals for restaurant professionals like you.

What will the Table Planner provide you

Put your hands on this secret weapon before your competitors do!

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