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Table Management System - Automatic mode, Layout edit mode

Added by Kevin B on Fri, Oct 23, 2009, 02:13 PM

Automatic mode, Layout edit mode

The two possible working modes of the system, Automatic mode and Layout edit mode follows from one simple thing: whether or not an item is selected in Reservation list.

You are able to edit time values (arrival, finish and amount of late and extra time) of the selected reservation as well as table assignments: you can add or remove tables to this reservation by clicking on a table icon.

Meaning of colors and time values displayed on a table icon

Table Management System - Automatic mode, Layout edit mode

When the time is almost up for a group, its tables turn to red Currently occupied tables are shown in green with the remaining time Tables of future reservations (groups not yet arrived) are pale green

In Automatic mode, you can watch currently occupied seats at current time. Unreserved tables are white. Occupied tables are displayed in green. If the group to whom a table is assigned has already arrived but not yet finished, assigned table is shown in green and the remaining time is displayed in minutes. If the table is reserved for a future time then it is pale green and the reservation time is displayed. When time is almost up for a group, that is, only 15 minutes or less remained, the table icon turns to red.

Table Management System - Automatic mode, Layout edit mode 2

Unreserved table (white), picked table (dark blue), reserved table (green), time is up (red), mouse pointer moved above an item in the Reservation list (pale blue)

If a group has not yet arrived but it should already have (group is late), its tables are green and the expected time of arrival is shown. A small red dot indicates which groups are late. You can see the red dot on the tables of the group and also in the reservation list. The amount of late is shown in the popup table info.

Table Management System - Automatic mode, Layout edit mode 3

Red dots indicate that these 3 groups are late.

When the dining time of a group has expired but they has not yet finished, their table is red (remember, it turned to red when only 15 minutes remained) but no remaining time is displayed because time has expired. Instead, the amount of excess is shown in the popup table info (“Time was over X minutes ago”). This table cannot be reserved for other groups!

In Automatic mode all time values displayed on table icons are relative to current time.

Red table: time is up in 1 minute. Less than 15 minutes remained. Green table: time is up in 106 minutes. More than 15 minutes remained.

In Layout edit mode not only currently occupied seats are displayed in green (or red). The system shows every table that is currently occupied and also shows those tables which are reserved (that is, will be occupied) before selected group finishes dining. Thus, you are not able to assign a table to the selected reservation which is already reserved for another group. A group can be seated only to unreserved tables. If another group has finished dining their tables become unreserved and you are free to assign them to another group.

In Layout edit mode all time values displayed on table icons are related to the selected group's reservation time.

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