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Table Management System - Using the Time Bar

Added by Kevin B on Tue, Oct 27, 2009, 01:45 PM

Changing time – using the Time Bar

As it was mentioned before, in automatic mode all time values displayed on table icons are relative to current time while in layout edit mode these time values are relative to the selected group's reservation time.

This leads to another important feature: you can change current time and see occupied seats and remaining time values relative to any time value you pick. This way you can check past status or future plans for a specific time.

You can select any date using date selector and any time value using Time bar. This tool shows time values with 15-minute accuracy from opening time to closing time of the selected location. If location is closed on selected day, Time bar is not displayed. You can pick a time value by clicking in a field. Selected time is filled with dark blue. You can return to current time by pressing button “Current time”.

Time bar shows picked time values or current time, whichever you chose. Time bar also shows reservation time of the selected group in Reservation list if any item is selected. If no group is selected in Reservation list, Time bar shows current time.

If you are planning seating in layout edit mode and you would like to return to automatic mode, just press “Current time” button.

Table Management System - Date Selector and Time Bar

Time bar: you can pick any value between opening and closing time of the selected location or you can return to current time.

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